As someone whose job is to teach and spread knowledge, someone might need some things to help them to display the information to their audiences. Whether you are a doctor teaching the public about immunisation for the newborns or maybe you are teaching the local people about how not to throw away their garbage recklessly around the neighbourhood. A roll up banner might be the perfect solution for it. 

Another advantage of using a roll up banner is that it is a contactless communicator. This is very useful especially during the COVID 19 pandemic when we have to limit any interaction with another human being, using a roll up banner to tell people what to do or telling them more information about something in a hospital could help not only the medical worker from eliminating unnecessary human interaction but also helps patients to get the necessary information without having to talk to the medical workers. This type of one way communication is very effective when done correctly, that is why when you go to a hospital you would more likely to see a roll up banner informing the patients about something, whether it’d be how to register something or informing patients about the symptoms of a disease and how to treat it.