There are certain rubber stamping tips you need to know, to efficiently use rubber stamps. You can use custom logo stamps for branding a business. Logo stamps can be used for packaging, party favours, brochures and flyers, business cards and letterhead. The tips below will help you to stamp. 

a) Stamp multiple times for even distribution of ink. 

b) Use stamp on the standard paper of a flat surface. 

c) Stamp it with a motion using medium pressure. 

d) The number of impressions can vary according to the type of stamp. 

Note these Things Below About Stamping Impressions. 

i) Hand stamps don't have ink, you will have to buy ink pad for it. This will last with your ink pad. 

ii) Self inking pads can deliver better impressions, and are suitable for repeated and fast stamps. 

iii) Pre-inked stamps are suitable for rapid stamping but are suitable for intricate designs. It can last for many stampings. 

Gloss surfaces 

Papers, non-porous, and high gloss offer a professional touch to materials, and customers can prefer stamping their logo directly or with a return address. Use a quick drying ink and a wood handle for this. Water based inks can smudge and smear fast. Ensure that you use the proper ink for better impression. Leave the ink to dry for a better result. 

Burlap or Muslin Bags 

You can stamp on a burlap, muslins or fabric. It is difficult to get a clear impression when stamping on a burlap, muslin or fabric, since this can lead to an uneven or porous surface that absorps the ink. Use a traditional wooden stamp with the ink to cut down bleeding. Place what is being stamped on surface. The surface should be flat to avoid uneven impression. Press it hard and avoid releasing it immediately. 


A major use of stamps is to return address. When you are stamping an envelope, do not put the letter or card inside. Stamp it on a flat surface for an efficient stamping impression. If you want to send out many cards, use a pre ink stamp. Stamp many envelopes without having to reink. Stamp the return address on top of the envelope if you want to send out holiday cards. Before you insert a holiday card, add padding below the envelope. You can use mouse pad or sheets of paper to get a decent stamp impression. 

Shopping Bags 

Buy custom logo stamps for custom packaging. Ensure that you are stamping the lower part if you are stamping the bag. When you stamp close to the handles, it can lead to an uneven impression. Stamp on a flat surface. You may insert something that can cut down the effect and promote the impression. Use the proper ink and stamp. For stamping on plastic bags using a hand stamp that dries fast.