The use of rubber stamps in business has a long history, and it is not out of place to create one for your business right now. It will help to create a strong business brand, especially if it's a small business. Irrespective of the business size, the rubber stamp remains a critical brand strategy every business should not handle light-mindedly. 

In this piece, we shall be looking at the things to consider when making a rubber stamp for business. It is important to create a worthy rubber stamp if you intend to create one. I mean, there is no point in creating a rubber stamp just for the sake of having one. If it does not help the business, it is not worth it then. Here are things to consider; 

Rubber Stamp Types 

Interestingly, there are three types of rubber stamps, and you may need to decide which one is best for your business. There is the traditional type, and it is often pressed into the color and then apply to the surface on which the impression is to be made. This one is used with different colors. So, if you intend to use the same design with different colors, this may be the option for you. 

The second type is the self-inking stamp. This one comes with ink in contact with until it is used, and once it is fixed back, the ink colors it again. This is advisable for business anyway. The third type is the pre-inked stamps, it is also attached with the ink, but the ink flows slowly to cover the stamp design. The issue is that you need to wait for the ink to cover the design again slowly. Now that you know the types pick one for your business and let's move on. 


Now that you know the type of rubber stamp you want to use, you need to draft the details you will like to have on the rubber stamp. This should include the business logo, business name, and any other information to reflect the reason for creating the rubber stamp. This must be strategically done to achieve the goal. 


This is where you make a layout for your rubber stamp. Here you consider the arrangement of the details, font, font size, etc. All of these must be well combined to make it legible enough for anyone to read. If this is not well done, the objective for creating the rubber stamp will be defeated. 

Size And Shape 

Next is to think about the size and shape of the rubber stamp. Some rubber stamps come in circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, etc. This is based on your preference. You will need to pick the size as well. The details must be clear enough, which will be determined by the size of the rubber stamp.  

Finally, you need to pick your rubber stamp color. It is advisable to stick to your brand color. This will help to strengthen your business brand. As simple as this may look, it determines if you will improve your business brand with the company rubber stamp.