Search Engine Optimization For Photographer Content 

Are the keyword sets fixed? Then it is the turn of the (text) content. To get the problem of short texts under control, the following points are recommended for search engine optimization: 

Set up blog Topic ideas: Assistance for potential customers such as "How does a shoot work?", "Do I need to change outfits?", "Which location is suitable?" Etc .; Description of shootings (including the presentation of approved customer photos); Techniques and specialist knowledge 

Expand the website structure with sub-pages: at least for niche topics or special topics, explain & show sub-pages, processes, and additional services. 

Above all, blog posts are the ideal way to work out artistic aspects of your work as a photographer - per shoot, per special order, per season, etc. Constantly growing, topic-centered and current content is rated positively by Google - so it's worth the effort! 

Tip: Think of the Appropriate Text Preparation, Such As 

  • clean formatting using hierarchical headings that contain the keywords set. 
  • Short, concise paragraphs. 
  • The sensible use of lists and enumerations. 
  • The addition of a title tag & a clear, catchy meta description. 

We always write for the human reader. Google analyzes content according to its readability and evaluates additional signals such as click-through rate and bounce rate to determine the relevance of websites. 

Image SEO 

Preparing images optimally for display and online search is always an aspect of search engine optimization. However, if it is to be SEO for photographers, the relevance increases significantly to deal more intensively with image SEO. After all, your excellent shots are what you want to bring people to your website!