Step 2: Create and Customize New Landing Pages 

Once the essential keywords have been identified, optimization can begin. New landing pages should be created based on the desired keywords. The same rules apply here as for general OnPage optimization. The website should also be optimized for mobile use. Websites that are not mobile-optimized are at a severe disadvantage and less competitive. 

An online toy retailer could do the following: 

Creation of new landing pages for the keywords: "Christmas presents," "Christmas sticker printing for children," and "Present ideas for children." 

Step 3: Unique Selling Points 

If you have managed to get the prospect to visit your page, then the goal has not yet been achieved. If this person leaves the site again immediately, then the effort was not worth it.  

That is why it is essential to get the prospect to buy. In addition to good usability and good product photos, new customer discounts, Christmas campaigns, free & fast delivery are all incentives for prospective buyers. 

Visually appealing and individual vouchers are also interesting. A separate page could also be created for the keyword "Christmas voucher," on which you can individually design a voucher with your own message and motive. For many, this is an excellent opportunity to give something individual without committing to a product. 

Final Thoughts 

Those who start with seasonal SEO optimization early can benefit from the big Christmas business. Smaller online shops, in particular, can win new customers at this moment cleverly selecting keywords in the long-tail area. And here, as usual, the more you stand out from the competition, the greater the success will be. SEO optimization with creativity pays off!