Whether you are a novice in designing a logo or someone who is experienced, it is essential to consider the type of font you choose to customize your company's logo.

While there are many different types of fonts, each with its advantages and disadvantages, you will find the following best fonts for minimalist logos.  

Best Free Professional Font Styles For Modern Logo Design: 

1. Georgia Anderson 

Georgia Anderson provides one of the most elegant and sophisticated fonts for creating clean and modern logos. The Georgia Anderson Optic is available in both 12 points and 10-point alignments. If you consider a more intricate design, such as an eagle or the stars, then the Optic font may be a better choice. If you are not looking for a complex style, then the Georgia Anderson Optic is ideal. 

2. Glyphomatic 

Just as beautiful as the Georgia Anderson Optic is its competitor, the glyphomatic. This type of font is a modern version of the classic Courier, sans-serif styles that give it a more modern feel. It provides the same elegant qualities as the Georgia Anderson and the Optic, but at a more condensed size.

The glyphomatic font family includes the faces of San Fransisco, Fleetwood, Palatino, Frego, and condensed serif versions. This font type can be perfect for use with either a logo ,a slogan or even on pull up banner since the weights are pretty light, making it easy to read.