The majority of the other moves in the production of self-ink stamps necessitate professional hand labor. The molded rubber sheets are pressed onto sheets of adhering material that has adhesive on both sides. Staff uses scissors to cut the fixed rubber sheets into separate stamps.

They must cut the stamp such that the pattern is not harmed, but also so that enough excess content is removed to reduce the possibility of picking up ink and spreading unintended impressions. Any patterns are cut on a clicker press, which is a die press that uses pressure to cut preset shapes from dies with razor-sharp edges.  

The backside of the adhering substance protecting the trimmed self-ink stamp is placed on a specially sized block of maple. An offsite factory produces the woodblocks in regular sizes. Only hard rock maple is used, so the pattern will not bow or be bent by natural forces.  

Aging of the wood or variations in temperature and humidity The wood blocks are hand-rubbed with linseed oil to help preserve them. The designs are hand-mounted, and extraordinary care is taken to install the designs squarely.

A transparent piece of adhesive plastic is put on top of the maple stone. The stamp pattern is imprinted on this sticker, which is used as an index. Hero Arts produced  

Any advanced industrial stamps necessitate additional steps in the production process. Rubber strips with numbers or phrases impressed in them are used to make date stamps and similar stamps with a variety of phrases.

The seamless rubber-band-like strips are mounted on metal mounts that can be turned with a dial or a key on the side of the stamp set. The housing for the stamps and dials or keys is made of thin sheet metal.

On the opposite side of the device from the printing illustration of the stamp, a wood handle is fixed to the metal mount. Plastic mounts are used with certain promotional stamps with a single stamp for frequent use or the self-adhesive stamp.  

Selective self ink stamp are sorted and processed according to type. When orders come in from suppliers, the stamps are chosen one at a time for packaging and mailing. In certain cases, stamp sets are produced and packaged for sale only as a kit.