Correctly Implement Internationalization With B2B SEO 

Typically, a distinction is made between country-specific domains such as .de, .at or .fr and generic domains such as .org, .com ,. are differentiated. The former usually achieve excellent results in their home country, especially when building links. Generic domains are ideal for international companies that are more broadly positioned and want to organize the various country websites under one generic domain. 

It is Also Important for a Good SEO Strategy 

Content in different languages ​​clearly marked with hrf-lang. 

Language-specific subdomains or folder structures in generic domains are also registered as a separate property in the Google Webmaster Dashboard - with the correct country assignment. 

On the one hand, this reduces friction losses - users land directly on the right domain/subdomain with the correct, country-specific information. On the other hand, it also has a positive effect on the placement in the search engine. 

Identify Search Intention & Correctly Determine Keywords 

The search volume of individual keywords and keyword groups is often significantly lower in the B2B area. The determination of the search intention the user's intention should still not be neglected, just because comparatively few people are looking for B2B services! 

In other words: Keywords with a lower search volume can be just the right thing for strategic optimization. Longtail keywords usually better reflect the user's search intention from individual keywords, especially in the case of complex issues.