A clinic should primarily be visible in the Google SERPs. It should aim for placement in the top 5. Because: Users almost exclusively click on the first search results. 

The visibility of your website on Google helps: 

  • expand the catchment area of ​​the clinic, 
  • to better utilize individual departments and so on 
  • to increase the overall turnover of the clinic. 

However, when it comes to online marketing and search engine optimization, hospitals can not simply work a to-do list that a tool spits out. Instead, they need to design a sustainable SEO strategy that fits the goals and services of the clinic. 

This results in various optimization measures that you have to coordinate with one another. This careful approach allows a medical practice to leap in the ranking in the long term. 

What Are SEO Measures There for Clinics And Doctors? 

To determine which SEO measures are suitable for a clinic, it must first check the status quo of its website. This shows where the site's weak points are, where it has particularly great potential, which measures can bring success, and how quickly.  

Tools such as the Google Search Console and Searchmetrics can help. They provide important insights into the website's visibility on mobile and desktop and traffic, keywords, content, and backlinks. 

In the next step, the hospital should convert the collected data into concrete recommendations for action. To do this, it has to analyze the data, evaluate it strategically and bring it together with the goals of the clinic. This then results in specific optimization measures. There are three main areas of SEO optimization: 

  • OnPage optimizations: SEO measures that improve the website as a whole and the individual subpages. 
  • Off-page optimization: SEO measures that are carried out away from your site and improve the ranking. 
  • Local SEO: SEO measures that promote clinics in local search results. 
  • The following elements will also help:\ 

Check the Page Structure 

For Google to list a page in its search results, a website must be easy to crawl for the search engine bots. A clinic achieves this primarily through a clear page structure. This includes organized directories and a logical, user-friendly internal link. The latter helps users find their way around the site quickly and easily and shows Google that the site is intelligently structured. 

Hospitals should make sure that the page structure does not create too many subpages. This can happen quickly with numerous different services in the house. The danger: Google loses the overview and does not index some pages. Clinics should ask themselves for each page whether the content and offer need a separate subpage - or whether they can add thematically appropriate content on another page.