Many people are now looking for specialists via the Internet. With a market share of almost 90 percent, Google is the most important search engine. If your practice appears on the first page of a search, this increases your visibility enormously. 

But not only Google should like your site. Patients should also find everything they need. We'll show you how SEO works for doctors and eight points to combine search engine optimization and valuable content. 

Why Do Doctors Need SEO? 

Nowadays, the search for doctors usually starts on Google. Around 70% of Germans search for a doctor online, and even 30% book their doctor's appointment exclusively online. It has long been known that doctors should be digitally modern and professional. SEO (search engine optimization) optimizes the doctor's website so that it is positioned higher in search engines like Google.  

The Effects and Benefits of SEO for Doctors 

  • You can find patients without advertising using traditional flyer printing
  • You can use SEO to advertise specific services ( e.g., private services ) 
  • You position yourself ahead of your competition and get important Google clicks. 
  • You no longer have to worry about new patients. 
  • You can have a positive influence on the quality of your patients. 

Reason enough, therefore, to set up digitally on time, and from now on, also think about SEO for your own doctor's practice. We show how to do it.