The Steps to Follow 

  • Step 1: Your content is your most valuable SEO asset. So invest time and effort in freshening up your website content. Using keyword research, you can determine what your patients are looking for. With content tailored to this, you can now position yourself for your most essential services and give Google essential signals as to what you want to be found for. 
  • Step 2: Place important keywords in the right places on your website. For example, if you have a service page on the subject of "teeth cleaning," this term should appear in the URL, in the H1 heading, and the meta title. This gives Google essential signals as to which search term a particular subpage should rank for. 
  • Step 3: Keep your website structure lean and explicit. The user should be able to click through your page quickly and intuitively. Important subpages should also be linked internally with one another. 
  • Step 4: Rely on local SEO and remember to optimize your website for your local region. For example, if you are a doctor from Munich, you should also have your location anchored in the H1 heading of the start page and the meta title. A well-kept Google My Business entry also increases your chances of being found in local searches. 
  • Step 5: get your website technology in order. It includes fast loading times, unrestricted crawl, and indexability, and optimization for mobile devices (smartphones). 
  • Step 6: think of a modern website design and high-quality images. A good Google positioning is worthless if users are put off by web design and jump off. Therefore, create a lasting first impression. 
  • Step 7: Increase the quality of your patients by strongly positioning yourself for your specialty. With high-quality blog posts optimized for search engines, you communicate your expertise and become digitally visible for your specialist area. 

If all of these points are met, you have a good chance of being loved by Google. You will position yourself in front of other doctors in your region. Now we will go into more detail on individual points.