It is a fact that the better optimized we have our images, the better they will index in Google. And it is undeniable to affirm that images are a powerful weapon to attract users, that the reader is hooked on your reading, or to make your site a much more attractive place for your users. 

The images help us visually support the product or service that we want to promote on our website and keep everything that we are telling in it, having an essential role in converting our site. 

Next, we will deal with the leading SEO factors that affect the positioning of these images, and therefore that of your site. 

Alt Attribute: It must describe the content of the image or what you want to convey. The text that bots use to know what the picture shows, especially when there are loading problems. 

Label Title: This will be the text that is shown to the public when you hover over the photo. It must be information that completes the content of the image, title it, and explains it. Google gives more importance to the alt attribute than the title tag, but they need to be different. 

Filename: This element is essential as it will inform the robot about the content of the image. It must be specific and describe the image. In the file's name, we must include the main keyword by which we want to position ourselves, avoid empty words and separate them by intermediate hyphens. 

Image Size Matters: If the images in your post or your website take time to load, this will be penalized by Google, so we must minimize the weight of the images. Besides Photoshop, other programs will help you reduce weight, such as Image Optim (MAC) or Riot (PC). 

Using a suitable format for the images will also influence the positioning. The best formats compatible with optimization are: 

  • PNG: This hardly loses quality when the image is compressed. 
  • JPG: Standard format for images and photos with many details. It has a wide palette of colors. 
  • GIF: Widely used for animated images and with less than 256 colors. (cute logo design, icons, and buttons).