Nowadays, anyone who needs a lawyer usually searches for them on Google. If you land your law firm on the first page of a Google search, your potential clients will increase suddenly. 

It would be best to keep in mind that you are not designing your page for the search engine. Whoever visits them should find helpful and up-to-date information. 

#1 Create High-Quality Content 

Search engine crawlers are robots that fish their way through the web. However, they are becoming more and more similar to people. Keyword stuffing, empty texts, and quantity before quality have long been punished. 

Think about what your clients should know. In the legal field, in particular, many people are not sufficiently informed. 

How should employees behave if their employer gives them to notice? How does profit sharing work in the event of a divorce? Which traffic offenses constitute a criminal offense and which include an administrative offense? 

Legal terminology is difficult to understand for most laypeople. Explain terms in a detailed but straightforward manner. Write informative yet engaging. The length of the text is not always decisive for a good ranking. However, for keywords with a large search volume, texts of 1,000 words or more usually score points. 

How to Generate High-Quality Content: 

Search for your specialty in your locality (e.g., "Adoption Lawyer New York") and look at the first ten results of the Google search. What do the websites of these law firms offer? What can you do better? 

The lawyer is a confidant. Try to appear both professional and personable in your writing.  

Describe your professional career. If you have worked for a renowned law firm for ten years, your website visitors should know. 

Provide important information. What legal fees do your clients have to expect for advice? What documents do you need to bring with you to the first appointment? Who is eligible for legal aid?