There are SEO myths that people still believe. These myths make them purchase useless seo service that sounds promising at first. Here they are: 

#1 Social Signals Increase the Ranking! 

Websites, articles, and posts that are frequently shared on social media rank better. Well, not really! 

Social signals can be manipulated relatively easily, for example, with sponsored posts or by specifically using click-baiting articles for frequent website visits. Google has therefore already officially pointed out that social signals do not directly contribute to a good ranking. 

However, websites with good content tend to be shared, linked, or discussed on social networks for example, logo design template or wedding invitation card printing templates. This generally leads to an organically growing number of backlinks, which have a positive effect on the ranking. Hence, it is only half an SEO myth. 

#2 Running Google Ads also Helps With Organic Ranking! 

Those who invest in Google Ads also raise the organic ranking of their projects. Correct? 

That would be extremely practical, but it does not correspond to reality. In practice, organic and paid placements are strictly separated. However, the traffic achieved through ads usually pays off if it leads to more frequent leads or backlinks.