Company Registration is a procedure required to establish a company and enjoy the benefits that come with it. This procedure is subjected to many obstacles if it is not well managed.

Also, the registration process is subjected to different regulations according to the law of the nation currently in force.

For that reason, it is advisable for new entrepreneurs that get familiarize with the local laws and regulations as well as with the characteristic of the business opportunities available in the country was they want to create their company. 

Putting all the factors together, this process can be very tedious, and any error can prolong the waiting before creating your company. Albeit, many countries tried to make it friendlier, it is a fact that it still requires certain experience to go smoothly.

For that reason, many countries allow entrepreneurs seeking to register their companies to hire a registered agent or a company that specializes in the service of Company Registration. It will serve as a consultant or take care of the entire procedure in their stead.  

What Does A Company Registration Agency Do? 

The purpose of this agency is to make easy the process of Company Registration for their clients, or another case, do the process for the client taking total responsibility.

Some of the best agencies in Jamaica expand their services to include providing information about starting a business in the country for the new entrepreneurs. Other functions may be: 

  • Jamaica business and Company Registration.
  • Assistance to obtain a license for the company
  • Opening a corporate bank account.
  • Employee recruitment.
  • Manage visa strategies
  • Providing office rental solutions