Appoint a director: the minimum required is one director that manages the company on the representation of the shareholders, although usually in small companies the director and shareholders are the same. Also, at least one director needs to live in a country of the European Economic Area like Ireland. 

Appoint a company secretary: if there are 2 directors or more, 1 can serve as a company secretary. If there is only one, you could hire a third party for company secretary services.  

At least one shareholder: as the owners of the company and investors at least one is needed. On the other side, if there are more than one, you should take notice of the voting rights and other shareholder agreements. 

Decide the number of shares that will be released to attract investors, also determine their voting rights. Besides, there is needed to decide how many shares will the maximum to issue in total in the future. 

Register both office and business addresses: the office address must be a physical one located in Ireland. 

Decide the company name: when doing it, be sure to know the requirements that the Companies Registration Office has for it. Also, it must be unique and distinguishable from other names registered in Ireland. 

Proceed with the Company Registration: can be done online through Companies Online Registration Environment, filling a form A1 or hiring a specialized service company.  

  • Get your custom common seal
  • Get a business bank account: one director can represent the company in the bank. 

Tax Registration with Revenue. 

Ending Words 

As can be seen, the process is simple, ready for the entrepreneurs to begin doing their Company Registration and start their business in this land that is filled with opportunities and innovation to start making a profit.