When coming up with a name card, it is important to avoid pitfalls that can make the name card useless or ineffective. If this will be achieved, then the design must be intentional from the beginning to the end.

So, in this piece, we will be looking at seven common mistakes to avoid when designing your name card. Kindly read through below; 

1. One of the commonest mistakes people make with name card design is lack of contact information. This is a grievous mistake that defeats the objective of having a name card in the first place.

How will you be contacted if they want to engage you after seeing the name card?  

2. Another common mistake to avoid is illegible lettering. Lots of people make use of fancy fonts in a professional namecard design. Some of these fancy fonts may not be very legible, and if it is not legible, it is as good as not writing anything.

Avoid having too many fonts on the card; it just makes it look odd. If you want to use two or three fonts, it must be skillfully done. 

3. A well-known mistake people make with their name card is printing it with low-quality material. This may be due to the low budget most people run on, but whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

They forget it is a marketing tool as well, and people will judge the quality. That is where your branding starts for everyone that sees the name card.