4. Some name card designs are too busy. The design and the details are too clustered. Such a name card is not effective and must be avoided while creating one.

Designs are important, but they must be well done to achieve the intended result. 

5. Furthermore, your name card must contain information that clearly shows who you are. Not a generic one that leaves the viewer asking questions about your identity after coming in contact with it.

The name card should give anyone a clear view of who the person on the card is. 

6. A common mistake to be avoided is grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. This is disdainful and does not represent you well if found on the name card. Therefore, try as much as possible to vet and edit it before you approve a final print.

No one will take you seriously if grammatical errors and wrong spellings are found on the name card. 

7. Finally, avoid putting too much information on the name card. Not all information is supposed to be on the name card. Only add essential details needed for the name card.

This can lead to the card being too busy and don't confuse the readers with too many details. 

These seven mistakes must be avoided at all costs. Some of these mistakes may be avoided by vetting the design before the final print is done.

It is important to note that designs such as namecard must be intentional and carefully planned to avoid all these common mistakes.