7 Things to Make Your Sticker More Attractive and Have Higher Quality


Stickers are small, sometimes it is difficult for them to get noticed. A sticker that cannot grab the attention of people cannot be good for marketing, and it would not stand out even if it is used for personal purposes as well. So, in order to make a sticker in Singapore that stands out, you can read the tips to do it in this article.


1. Make a simple design

Even though you would like your sticker to stand out, you should make the design simple. After all, simple design does not mean that it cannot appeal to people. In fact, a minimalistic design is often preferred because it makes it easy for people to understand the content and key message without having to spend too much time looking at it.


2. Make a unique shape

The regular shapes for stickers are round, oval, rectangular, or square. But now you can make any shape possible for your stickers. The shape of the sticker can further help you in delivering the message that you want to convey with the sticker. So, do not be afraid and design the shape however you want it to be.


3. Use representative colours

If you use the stickers for branding or marketing, then you should use colours that are related to your brand. If your brand already has a designated colour, make sure that you use it for the stickers so that people can associate it with your company or brand easier. But for personal uses, you can choose any colour you like as long as they are good choices for your design.


4. Make sure everyone can read it

If you make your stickers consist of words, you have to make sure that people can understand what is written on there. To do this, choose a legible font with a big enough size. When it comes to sticker printing, choosing bigger sizes for the font is better. You can even emphasize it more by making the text all caps.


5. Design in vector

You surely want your sticker to be of high quality so that it can stand out and appeal to the people who see it. To ensure this outcome, it needs to start from the design process. It is highly recommended to design stickers using vectors so that the quality won't change no matter how big you print the stickers or whatever media you put the stickers in.


6. Design in CMYK

Aside from designing in vector, you should also design in CMYK. After all, the printing process will use CMYK inks as well since this is a standard. By doing so, the colours that you get after printing will be as accurate as possible and look like the colours you choose on-screen as you design. On the other hand, if you design in RGB and print in CMYK, this will be difficult to achieve.


7. Add finish

A finish can make the sticker look better and more attractive. Many people choose to add a glossy finish to their stickers so that they appear shiny and more noticeable. Moreover, the finish can protect the sticker itself from moisture and the weather, so glossed stickers can be used outdoors too, for example as bumper stickers.