7 Types of Logo to Design in Singapore


Once you have decided to make a font, you will have to go through several processes of making it, including brainstorming and coming up with great ideas for your logo. To help you with that, you should also know about the different types of logos. Because apparently, there is more than one out there. And no, this is different from the logo design style.

So, without further ado, let's get to learn about what are the different types of logos that you must know for logo design in Singapore.


1. Word Mark

A word mark is the kind of logo where the company only places their name front and centre. They regularly do not have any graphic symbols. Therefore, for this type of logo, the choice of typography is very important. If you want to use this type of logo as well, you have to make sure that the logo is still memorable as well as legible. If it is too plain, then it will not have an impact. But if it is too intricate, then people will have difficulties reading it.


2. Brand Mark

Brand mark is also known as the pictorial mark, which is the opposite of the word mark. For this type of logo design in Singapore, you can see that it has a graphic symbol instead of a name. The symbol that you make for brand mark must be original and strong so that people can immediately know and remember your brand. It should also represent your company well.


3. Combination mark

As the name suggests, a combination mark combines a word mark and a symbol mark. This option is often used by so many brands out there for stronger branding. The two elements, which are the symbol and word must be able to complement each other in the design so that you can come up with a great-looking logo.


4. Abstract Logo Mark

Because the name is abstract, that means the logo is quite difficult to recognize. Usually, the shape tends to be geometric. This option of design can make your logo more unique. For this, it is suggested that you combine it with the company name so people can still know whose brand is the logo.


5. Letter Mark

Letter mark is also referred to as monogram. The letter mark logo consists only of the abbreviation of your brand name or just the initials, like the yellow M logo for McDonald's. Like word mark, it is important to pick the type of typography that can suit the logo design for utmost legibility and recognition.


6. Mascot

Using a mascot for your logo can also make your brand stand out and easily recognized. But this is more suitable for businesses or companies that tend to be more casual. For more formal companies, then it is not suggested.


7. Emblem

You can also make your mark with an emblem for a logo. Emblems or crests have long been used to pronounce a certain group or organization. There are many ways to design an emblem and make it noticeable. If this is your choice, as always, do not forget to ensure legibility for the potential audience.