7 Types of Marketing Campaign You Can Choose in Singapore


A marketing campaign is very important for the growth of a business. Without marketing in Singapore, surely it will be difficult to get people to know more about your brand, let alone getting them interested to make a purchase.

In marketing theory, there are different types of campaigns that you can do.

If you do not know yet about the types of marketing campaigns to strategise for, here are a quick list and guide about each of them.


1. Traditional campaign

Traditional campaign is one of the most often used and has been proven effective for a very long time. This traditional marketing campaign mostly uses traditional media outlets or channels for raising brand awareness and promote a product or service. You surely are familiar with this too, since you have always seen one since you were young. Examples of traditional media campaigns use TV commercials, print advertising, radio, and direct mail.


2. Seasonal campaign

A seasonal campaign or seasonal push campaign is used when you want to promote a seasonal product that is only out during a specific time only. Usually, this is beneficial for companies that benefit from seasonal businesses like retail. For example, retails can use seasonal push campaigns to promote their spring collection and so on.


3. Product launch campaign

As the name suggests, a product launch campaign is a marketing effort that you can choose when you are about to release a new product. This campaign aims to introduce that new product to existing customers and potential ones. There are many ways you can do this, for example, using social media or other marketing channels.


4. Brand awareness campaign

The brand awareness campaign is a marketing strategy that you can use to build your company's brand awareness to your target audience. This is important to maintain the relevancy of your brand in the market and even gain more customers.


5. Email marketing campaign

An email marketing campaign is a part of a digital marketing strategy that you should try out. For this, you need to do it from time to time. Because one of the keys to successful email marketing is consistency. You can use email marketing to promote your products, discounts, new releases, and so on.


6. Brand launch campaign

When you have launched your brand, surely you need to get the words out to the public, right? For that, there is a brand launch campaign that you can use. This strategy is used by the newly released brands to increase brand awareness.


7. Rebranding campaign

Rebranding is sometimes done by companies or brands that want to promote a new face or any kind of change. You can do this when your brand is launching a new logo, name, or planning to merge with another company.


So, once you have read the few examples of marketing campaign types, do you have any idea about which one is right for the current needs of your business right now? Plan out your marketing strategy carefully, and think about the right channels to reach out to your target audience efficiently. Hopefully, great results will come to fruition.