It is common for couples to have doubts about the type of message they want to print on their wedding cards. Beyond an elegant message, accompanied by important information such as the date of the wedding, the wedding venue, or the type of attire, in recent years there has been a trend to print the couple's bank account number.  

A Subject of Great Care 

Many young couples resort to printing their bank account number on the back of the card, on the inside of the envelope, or in the bottom corner of the card. 

This is an important issue, because both friends and family members may feel offended to think that they are being invited in exchange for money. While this is not a new issue, there has been a great deal of debate on this topic in recent years. 

Advantage of printing the Bank account number 

The main advantage of printing the bank account number on the wedding invitation card is that some undecided guests may opt to give cash instead of buying bad gifts. Not only can they save time and inconvenience in giving cash gifts, but they can also skip the process of bringing gifts to the wedding. 

The disadvantage of printing the Bank account number 

The biggest problem with printing the bank account number on the card arises when guests may feel pressured or uncomfortable seeing the couple's bank details. Likewise, printing the bank details on the invitation card is not easy as different alternatives may even affect the aesthetics of the cards. 

The couple can print the bank details on an additional card, on the envelope, or use a specific space on the card, on the back, or the front of the wedding card. As a second point, there is the issue of how to include the bank details without doing so in an aggressive manner. 

To avoid this, many married couples recommend including a joke or friendly message. As mentioned above, some guests may feel that they must pay to attend the wedding and this can lead to discomfort among the guests and the couple to be married. 

How do add the Bank details to the card? 

Some recommend accompanying the bank account number with a humorous phrase or friendly message. This way you can reduce tensions and awkwardness between the guests and the couple. You can use phrases such as: 

"We are excited to share the best day of our lives with you. And because we love to share, we're also sharing our bank account if you haven't decided on a gift yet." 

"We are going to have a beautiful wedding and a fantastic honeymoon. However, we are accepting contributions to make our party and honeymoon even better." 

You can complement the phrases with fun illustrations or pictures of you and your partner on the wedding cards. You can even include small gift accessories, such as soaps or scented candles to ease the tension with guests and at the same time encourage your guests to transfer the money.