Deciding to delve further into the art of painting and haven't gotten yourself one? Then it's definitely the right time to buy one. Even though it is not exactly a must to use an easel stand to paint, it can really help you out in many different ways and it is not something that you should look over. Even professionals use it, so why shouldn't you? 

It can get quite confusing getting the right easel stand for you because there are several different types of easel stands out there. But don't worry, here are some of the recommended types of easel stands especially for beginners: 

1. Single Mast Easel 

The single mast easel is the one that is most commonly used by art students or complete beginners because it is simple,  lightweight, foldable, and easy to transport. If you need to bring your easel to your art classes or if you prefer to paint outdoors, then this type of easel stand is the perfect one for you. It is not  the sturdiest type of easel stand out there, but considering its affordable price, it has a decent quality that still gives you comfort while you are working on your painting. 

2. A Frame Easel 

The A frame easel is a popular type of easel stand that is not only used by beginners but also many advanced to professional artists. It is a little sturdier than the single mast easel yet it is also still quite lightweight and easy to fold, so it can be stored whenever you want it to be put away. Since it is not heavy, you can easily bring it outdoors whenever you feel like doing your work outside. The A frame easel can  handle up to 56  inches canvas, although some  types can be slightly bigger. 

3. H Frame Easel Stand 

If you feel like the A frame easel stand is not sturdy enough for you, then you should consider buying an H frame easel. If you are working on large sized canvases, then that's the more reason to consider this easel stand because it can handle  even up to 96 inches paintings or canvases. It is strong, sturdy, and very firm which makes it perfect for vigorous artists because it can really hold the painting in place and withstand strong forces. 

4. Giant Easel 

Working with even larger canvases? Then how about the giant easel? This easel is perfect for 85 inches to 120 inches sized canvases. Of course, since it needs to hold large paintings, it needs to be especially sturdy. And since it is really big, you will need a spacious working studio to accommodate this easel stand. 

5. Convertible Easel Stand 

The convertible easel stand can change from being an upright easel stand to a horizontal tabletop easel stand. If you are working with both oil based paints and water based paints, then this type of easel stand will be great for you because it can be adjusted to your needs whenever you need it.