If diners have dining etiquette, well name cards have exchanging etiquette as well. This refers to the manner you swap cards with your prospects. If you think that you simply need to give your card to anyone you meet and receive theirs in return, then it’s time you know the proper way to hand out name cards.

However, before you decide on the business name card design, there are some important things that you must consider first. Read on to find out more about the importance of name cards and how you can use them to your benefit. 

Follow these simple rules the right way and you are sure to promote your business effectively. 

Design Rule: 

Keep your cards neat and up-to-date. It is not worth handing out worn, stained, or torn name cards or cards with outdated contact information. Keep in mind that name cards with frayed edges and scratched out words gives you an unprofessional and disorganization impression. So, be sure to keep your cards tidy and updated. Keeping updated is the most crucial rule since businesses keeps changing their agendas and goals in the long run. If you are merging with another brand or setting up a franchise, first go on and add the new brand logo or tagline to your name cards. 

Swapping Name Cards: 

Do not force your cards to people who did not ask for it. In any case, you should wait for people to ask for your name card. Let the opportunity come up naturally. For instance, when you are engaged in a conversation with someone and he specifically asks for your card. Be sure the prospect is interested in your business or else your card will only be thrown away if the recipient is not genuinely interested in your products or services.

Do not assume that a question about your business is an indication that your prospect is asking for your card. So, as much as possible wait for the person to ask for your card before giving it out. 

Respect the Cards you Receive: 

When receiving cards, treat it with respect. Act like you are receiving a precious item. As much as possible, compliment on the card. If you like the logo or design, tell it to the person. Be sure to repeat the name of the person so you can be corrected with your wrong pronunciation. Ask questions and show interest in your prospect to make them interested in your as well. 

Do not include your cards in your personal communication letters: 

It’s a big no-no to include your name card printing in condolences, get well soon cards, and even congratulation cards. Keep in mind that these cards require care, compassion, and time. They should be handwritten with care, and a name card with these cards will only show people that you only care for yourself. 

Practice Proper Exchange of Name Cards: 

It’s okay to ask people for their name cards when you first them. But if the person you are talking to is of higher position than you, you should wait for him to offer his name card to you first. Keep in mind that if he wants you to have his card, he will give it to you. 

In any event, it is important to keep your name cards tucked away neatly. Put it in a name card holder to ensure they are neat and organized. Should there be a need to give someone your card, you can easily take them out and give them to your prospect.

Remember a clean and sleek name card will encourage your prospects to keep them and look at you in a professional way. So, follow these simple rules and you are sure to keep people interested in you long after the conversation is finished.