When coming up with an event, you want all your guests to show up. The moment some don’t show up, the event risks not meeting its objective. That is why you need to do everything to make the turn up 100%. That way, you will easily meet your goals. A custom invitation card is one of the ways to make an event successful. Here’s how to customize an invitation card printing.  

Use the Guests’ Name 

This is one of the things you must do when making invitation cards. Ensure the guests’ name is on the invitation card. This will create an impression of importance and the guest will feel appreciated. As a result, chances of them turning down the invitation will be low. 

Make the Card Guest Focused 

One of the mistakes event hosts do is to make an invitation card all about their event. Well, that shouldn’t be the case. You should make the invitation card all about the guest. Make them know what they will benefit by attending the event. Besides, make it clear what their role will be. No one wants to attend an event they do not know what they will be going to do. 

Even if the guest will be required to give something, make it clear they will also receive something in return – however small it may be. This way, you encourage them to turn up for the event. 


You have to make the invitation card as unique as possible. Chances are your guests have had several invitations before. That means they have been exposed to many invitation cards. The more customized your card is, the higher they’re likely to accept your invitation. If the card looks like the previous ones they’ve had before, chances of a turn down stand high. 

Detailed Enough 

Your name card should have enough details for the people you’re trying to invite. Through that, they will easily be convinced and turn up for your show. If the invitation card has little facts, some of the invited guests may choose not to show up. That will reduce your event’s success rate. You do not want that to happen to you. 


There are things you expect to see in an invitation card. The moment these things are left out, the card loses its meaning. Or it will be less effective. That is why you must do proper research to find out what your audience expects and give them exactly that. Anything short of their expectations of an invitation will mean the same are not as effective. 


Custom making invitation card printing will increase chances of them successfully convincing the guest to attend your event. Including the aforementioned will increase chances of all your guests turning up and making the event a success. The reverse is true; leaving any of the above details will do more harm than good. That is why you have to factor in all the above listed ideas to make the cards effective.