It doesn't matter whether your business is small or large, you will always need marketing. Now, if your business is small, marketing funds can be quite a problem. You must settle with low cost marketing alternatives that are affordable. Don't worry, this doesn't mean that you can't get an effective marketing tool. One of the most recommended marketing tools that is affordable is postcard. Postcard printing is ever so demanded even in this digital era. That just shows how popular it is among businesses. 

If you are also interested in postcard printing to market your business, here are the tips to make each printed postcard counts. 

Make it Big and Bold 

A postcard can gain more attention by being made big. A larger sized postcard stands out more among the stack of mails and other postcards, especially if it has an attractive design. Usually, a postcard size is 4 inch x 6 inch. But you can go for a 5 inxh x 8 inch sized postcards. If you want it to be bigger, you can try 6 inch by 11 inch postcard. Larger sized postcards are great to convey bigger and more messages to your customers. With a size larger than the standard size, your customers will find it difficult to ignore it. 

It is definitely a good idea to make your poster larger than the standard size, because you will be able to catch people's eyes easier at a relatively small investment to the size addition for a big payoff. 

What needs to be paid attention to as you design a large sized postcard it to not cram too much information into it. Even though you have a bigger space for more things, it doesn't mean that you have to use up all the available space for text or decorations. 

Print on Both Postcard Sides 

Remember that your postcard has two sides. So, why only use one? The investment is barely significant, yet you can do so much more by printing on both sides of the postcard. You can deliver more information, use the space for an intriguing design that catches attention, generate customer's interest with a call to action or intriguing sentences, and many more. If you wnt to gain a great return on investments, don't forget to print on both sides of the postcard. 

When it comes to the two sides of postcards, you should also consider a finish. Ideally, a name card should at least be coated on one side. It is best to leave the backside uncoated for note taking or other writing purposes. Coated postcards are more difficult to write on, so leave a side uncoated and ones side coated. 

However, you can coat one side and use spot UV on certain parts of the postcard, for example, to make it more intriguing. 

Simple postcard printing, however it needs to be done properly so that you can get the best results. Take your time in designing your postcard, and don't get satisfied too early on the trial and error process. Make sure that you get the perfection that you want before distributing it to your target audience.