2 Simple Things That You Must Not Overlook When Designing a Name Card


Despite the arrival of the digital era, the significance of a name card still cannot be underestimated. Even though it seems like most people are shifting toward digital means of exchanging information, apparently business cards' importance is something that you can not yet dismiss.  If you want to be a proper businessman who runs a profitable company, you must always have a business card in your pocket any time you encounter a possible person who can help you with your work or company.


In the professional business community, a business card is considered the proper way to introduce yourself and give out contact details to others, especially ones who are important. It is why name card printing is still common and it is a must for business owners.


However, before placing an order for your business card, make sure you have a fantastic design so you can make the right impact on your target audience.


1. Keep the Basic Design Principle in Mind

You should certainly be innovative when it comes to the style of your name card. However, you must ensure that everything adheres to the core design guidelines in order to ensure a seamless name card printing procedure for the best results.


Here are some of the most important fundamental design principles to remember:


Keep It Centred

Keep the name card's contents closer to the centre and away from the edges. At the very least, keep all design components 5 mm away from the name card's sides. Why? Because if you design it too close to the edge, it will be cut off during the trimming stage. You can still make borders for your business card, however, remember that this decision is often tricky to get right. So, it is best that you first consult with the printing service that you're working with.



From a reasonable distance, everybody should be able to read the name card that you have. It is absolutely important to make sure it doesn't cause them to squint their eyes in an effort to read your business card's text and see the contents. During the business card design process, you must pay attention to the typography to ensure readability.  Choose a size that is neither too large nor too small. For the best outcomes, design it between 8 and 12 pts.


Name Card Resolution

Design it in 300 dpi canvas/workspace to ensure that the printed result is sharp and clear with no pixelation, which is vital since only a sharp-looking name card can leave a good impact on the receiver.


2. Card Finishes

Aside from the fundamentals of design, you can also apply finishes to the name card to improve its appearance and quality. Coating, for example, not only makes it look and feel shinier, but it also makes the name card more durable by adding a layer on top of the card stock, protecting it from moisture and other defects or harms.


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