You have probably already familiar with stickers, at this point, you might have one laying on your desk, a water bottle, on a laptop, on your rides, you name it, the list goes on. It is one such item that is very easy to find. Not surprisingly, many sticker-making service providers are competing to innovate to produce the best stickers they have. Sticker is a type of label that can be affixed to a surface on one side. The part when we peel the adhesive part is also one of the most satisfying parts of using a sticker. There are many sizes of stickers you can choose when you're about to make one in a sticker printing in Singapore. What are the types of stickers and how to make them? Check out the following article. 

One of the services and products that you can use is custom shape digital sticker printing. Custom sticker probably is a need of many people. As the name implies, you can customize the sticker according to your needs. You only need to provide the sticker design that you have created. Make sure your sticker design settings are CMYK with K arranged to 100. You can design it in an application like adobe illustrator, as well as many online apps, a tutorial on how would you design it will help you along the way. 

Furthermore, what are the materials that you can use when you want to make stickers? Materials such as mirrorkote sticker, matt white pp sticker, woodfree sticker, gloss white pp sticker, transparent sticker, kraft sticker, and so on. 

1. Mirrorkote Sticker 

Mirrorkote sticker is a very affordable option. With a finishing surface that is pleasing to the eye. You can also write something on the surface. However, it is only slightly when it comes to water resistance, and non-tearproof. 

2. Matt White PP Sticker  

The following stickers have a matt finish and can be written on the surface. The matt finish makes it look more classy with reliability like tearproof and waterproof. If you are looking for these specific specs, they might suit you best. 

3. Woodfree Sticker 

One of the cheapest options if you want to make a sticker with a matt finish and like copier paper. Because the surface texture is like paper, it is very easy to write on this type of sticker. However, it is easy to tear and not waterproof or water-resistant. 

4. Gloss White PP Sticker 

As the name implies, it is a gloss surface that can be written on. Also waterproof and tearproof. This could suit you best if you're looking for a gloss finishing with white ink backing. 

5. Transparent Stickers  

Transparent surfaces that cannot be written on without white ink backing. This type of sticker is also tearproof and waterproof.

6. Kraft Sticker 

It is one of the newest materials which is currently popular with its matt brown kraft surfacing. Can write easily on the surface, but it is non-tearproof and non-waterproof.