According to an IPSOS survey, 49% of consumers lack confidence in online sales sites. Almost one in two buyers is huge! So how can your e-commerce become a trusted environment for your customers? The answer is in the reinsurance elements.  

This information is used to dispel any doubt during an online purchase. They usually provide the answers even before users ask the question. The objective: to build visitor confidence and encourage conversion.  

Providing Ample Product Information 

Many merchant websites only upload the strict minimum on their product files. Worse, they include the technical characteristics of the supplier or manufacturer, without adding more relevant elements.  

The user must project himself with your articles. Simply listing materials, sizes and other features, without explaining the benefits, serves no purpose.  

The visitor wants to understand how the product will fit into his daily life, what he has better than others, what kind of use it is intended for… Put yourself in his place! If you had to buy this property, what questions would you ask yourself before you decide? 

The Contact Information  

Physical addresses are one of the greatest proofs that you exist.  

Remember to highlight the address of your head office, but also an email and a phone number. This information clearly indicates that there is a natural person to contact in case of problems.  

Contact information may also contain links to your social networks. It provides an additional way to interact with you, which is reassuring. 

The “About” Page  

If the contact information indicates the existence of a natural person behind the store, the “About” page confirms that they have a history.  

It helps build trust by valuing a journey and experiences, sometimes a founder or a team. 

Moreover, if you detail a strong experience in your industry, the user will also have a feeling of professionalism. These elements, put together end to end, encourage the prospect to continue his purchases. You can also issue free gifts like customisable self ink stamp.