6 Don’ts When It Comes to Name Card Design and Printing


A name card in Singapore is more than just a tool to give out contact information. Never forget that it can also become a very useful marketing tool if the design and printing are done right.


Unfortunately, many people forget about this and do the minimum effort for the making of their professional name cards.


Hopefully, you would not miss the opportunity by doing the same mistake. So, before you make your name card, know that there are several things that you must not do.


1. Not Including the Essential Contact Information


Let's start by making sure that the name card can at least do its core job of providing people with your contact information. Hence, you must double-check the information on the design before you go to the printing process. When it comes to name cards, the information that you must provide in it are:


  • Company/business name

  • Personal name

  • Your job title/position in the company

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Website

  • Company address

  • Social media handle


2. Outdated Information

Including information that is not valid anymore is another mistake that you should not do.


Many people forget to change the number or email address when they change name cards. This of course will become a dead lead for people who are interested to contact you for business. Once you have a new contact, immediately change your name card and make sure that the information there is the latest one.


3. Typos

Typos are a big turn-off. It makes you appear sloppy and not really responsible about your job. So, before you print your name cards, go for a final check. Even better, ask people around to read your design and spot mistakes if any. When you are 100% sure that there is no mistake, only then you can proceed to the printing step.


4. Illegible Name Card

A name card should be able to easily convey information. However, if the texts are too small or printed in difficult-to-read fonts, it will be a challenge for people to understand what is written there. When that happens, they would not be able to grasp the information that they should be getting. This mistake should be avoided at all costs.


5. No Identity

Remember that a name card is a way for you to promote your brand, raise awareness, and market it in a subtle way. Therefore, there should be your brand identity printed on the name card. If your name card is too plain, this will make it not memorable, and people will dismiss it all too soon. Do not forget to include your company logo, colour, and font on the design of your name card to make it stand out more.


6. Not Using The Right Colours

Having the main colour is important, and supposedly you must also choose the supporting colours. However, many people make the mistake of not using the right colours and end up with harsh colour schemes that are not pleasant to be seen. You need to understand colour theory in order to determine the best combination possible for your name card to avoid this mistake.


Name card is indeed has the importance in business, so make sure you don't commit all these mistakes to create the best name cards possible!