Maintain a clean overall style. Remember that your banner serves as a beacon to draw people to your booth; it is not supposed to be plastered with anything you want to express. Brochures, posters, and the website will also be used to provide more content.

So, choose one message to send with your flag. And the quickest and simplest way to express a message is with an appropriate and precise picture, painting, or illustration.  


A successful template will feature the logo design at the top, along with a slogan or tagline (also known as your brand promise) that is visible and readable at eye level (This is where the eye-catching material, like a great picture, is put. ).

The text should be formatted so that it can be read from top to bottom and left to right, with the contact information at the bottom of the banner.

So, consider a logo/tagline/one letter – text and photo(s)/contact information. Remember to keep the colors and fonts consistent with your brand.  


A banner with a single picture template demands a high-quality, portrait-format photo taken during your photo shoot specifically for this purpose. Multiple photographs in portrait or landscape mode can be used, but they must be visible from a distance.  


Pull-Up Banners range in price from $100 to $300, depending on the fabric standard and mechanics. However, the photographs you choose and the concept you produce would have the most effects.

The architecture, not the building, is where you can spend to achieve the desired look and deliver the desired message to your prospects.