6 Postcard Finishes to Choose From for a More Impressive Postcard


Are you sure that the postcard that you have printed already are looking their best? Have you considered adding a couple of finishes to help it stand out even more?


Sure, adding a finish to your postcard in Singapore will cost you a little more. This, though, would not be for nought. Adding a finish not only improves the appearance of your postcard, but it can also make it more durable, particularly when sent via the mail.


Consider applying a finish during the postcard printing process to ensure that you can ship out top-notch quality postcards to your target customers' mailboxes.


Here are the different types of finishes you can use on your postcards.


1. Die-cut

Die-cutting is quite a popular finish that many people choose, especially for name cards.  If you want your postcard to have a special shape or decorative pattern, die-cutting is an option that you should also consider. You will surely stand out for a one-of-a-kind postcard shape that is unlike any other with die-cutting.


2. UV Coating

UV spot coating is a technique that involves applying a particular coating or varnish and then exposing it to UV light to harden it. This would shield the surface of the postcard by adding a protective coating. Spot UV coating may also be used only on particular designs or text to draw attention to that part of the design. This style of finish will give your postcard a shinier and more special appearance.


3. Lamination

Lamination also adds a layer of protection to your postcard. It is important to safeguard your postcard as it moves through the mail, and lamination is one of the best methods to do so. Lamination can add excellent stain and moisture resistance. Postcards that have been professionally printed and laminated are more durable and can be used for a longer period of time.


4. Embossing

Embossing lifts a selected part of the postcard's back, giving it a distinct feel when touched. This can also be used to highlight a certain aspect of your postcard, such as a certain text. It is an inkless method that you should certainly try because it gives you an attractive and polished appearance that may attract your target customers due to its elegant look.


5. Metallic Inks

A shiny postcard? Why not, right?  Make a major impact on your target audience by using metallic ink to make your postcard glow with a metal look. If done right, this can definitely attract their attention.


6. Glow in the Dark

Some demographics may be attracted to glow-in-the-dark content, but you must ensure that the information about the ability of the postcard to glow in the dark is adequately transmitted so that it is not overlooked.


So there are six different finishes to pick from for your postcard. Take your time to review each form of finish before deciding which to use so you do not end up disappointed. You should also get advice from printing experts to determine which options are suitable for your kind of postcard.