6 Sticker Styles to Consider Printing


There are so many ways to design stickers in Singapore. For whatever purpose that you have in mind, your sticker needs to at least look interesting to catch people's attention. That way, they will want to take a look at your sticker and see what is it about. This aspect is very important especially for marketing stickers.


In this article, we'll bring you several design alternatives for stickers that you can choose depending on your needs.


1. Bright coloured

Since you'll want to grab attention with your sticker, it is absolutely a great idea to use bright colours. Bright colours will entice people's eyes and avert their attention to your sticker even though it is small. You should use your brand's colours or use a colour that can communicate the message that you deliver with the copy of the sticker.


2. Big message

If you make a sticker with a strong message, you can make it a focus by designing and printing big and bold letters. You should also pick a unique type of font to make it more interesting. This can help you in branding and emphasizing the characteristics of your brand. You can use it to spread your slogan or catchphrase so that many people will see it.


3. Show characters

You can also make your sticker look interesting by printing cute characters, like cartoons. Stickers like these are appealing and usually memorable. With these characters, you can still deliver your brand message properly.


4. Minimalistic

Who says minimalistic design cannot be the option for you if you want an interesting-looking sticker in Singapore? In fact, flat design is what many people like these days. Minimalistic stickers make the content easy to understand compared to some cluttered complex design. So in designing a minimalistic design, you must pay attention to the lettering, spacing, and graphics used.


5. Vintage stickers

Depending on what kind of brand you are, perhaps vintage stickers suit you better than minimalistic or cheerful design. In order to make vintage or retro-looking stickers, you should use rustic colours, suitable typography, as well as graphics and effects.


6. Serious-looking stickers

For some formal brands or organizations, you cannot play too much with the design of the sticker and would prefer to design it rather rigid and serious. Stickers like these are usually used for corporations, banks, and others.


The most important thing in designing a sticker regardless of the style is to make sure that it is legible and understandable. Since the aim of the sticker is mostly to convey a certain message and implant it in the minds of the reader, you have to be really sure that whoever sees it will quickly understand what you are trying to convey with it. That is why the choice of colours, the making of copy, typography, as well as images, play a big role in determining the quality and effectiveness of a sticker.

If you cannot do it on your own, it is a good idea to hire a graphic designer to help you with it.