6 Types of Brochures You Should Know: Part 1

Who doesn’t know the brochure? This thing has become a useful thing for any activity especially business promotion. Promotion using a brochure is easy and pretty simple. You just have to design the concept and then print it, so you can distribute them to your target market. But do you know there are many types of brochures? Yes, the brochure has many types depending on its use. Here are 6 types of brochures that you can choose based on what you need.

1. Half-fold
The first type of brochure is half-fold, this is one of the simple brochures. It is basically based on the two sides of the paper that put into one. This allows you to have four spaces to fill. The front is a cover, two sides for any message you want to tell, and the backside to put contacts or additional information.

2. Tri-fold
Just like the name, it has three folded sides that usually horizontal. This is effective and affordable to be a part of your promotion. You have more space to explain more about your offer. Also, it is easy to print. You can easily find any printing services in Singapore that can print the tri-fold brochure.

3. Z-Fold
Z-fold brochure has a zigzag or looks like a Z shape. The size is small and easy to bring. If you have lots of different information, you can use this brochure. It has a gap between every side, so people will easily understand that the next side contains a different context from the other.