Snail Mail or Email? Which One is More Effective These Days? Part 2

Another research was done by Direct Marketing Association, direct mail generates a 4.4 per cent response rate, compared to email generating only a 0.12 per cent response rate. And direct mail generates 10 per cent more customer than email (around 34 per cent for direct mail and 24 per cent for email). However, on the ROI (return on investment), the average return on investment for direct mail is US$7 for every $1 spent, while the average on investment for email is $38 for every $1 spent. Direct mail ROI is lower, but the cost spent to acquire a new customer is also lower.

How about mixed media campaigns? Mail and emails can work with each other, 51 per cent of people prefer the combination of combination between email and mail. 65 per cent of people like to browse through both the catalogue and online before making a purchase. And customer spends 25 per cent more when the business uses a combination of direct mail and emails.

So what is the takeaway here? You should know the right time to utilise the strength of each platform to achieve your business goals, you should be able to create a strong first impression through direct mail and reinforce it with emails.

The evidence suggests we need to reevaluate the way we use email, rather than thinking of it as a cheap form of marketing,  If we continue to bombard customers we may risk alienating them.

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