Social media is the place where people can connect with each other. It can reach a wide range. If you have a small business in Singapore, social media can help you reach international customers. By using social media, you can get close to your customers. These are the benefits of using social media for your relationship between you and your customers. 

Know Your Target Market 

Social media helps you to know more about your target market. You can understand what your target market really wants and need. For example, if your target market is office workers, they mostly like content about tips for relieving stress, destinations for year-end holidays, or life hacks. If you know them, you can start posting content that is relevant to them. Surely, you can grab their attention. 

Build Community 

You can start to build a community around your customers. Try to know who they are and start making a connection to them. You can arrange events or some fun group. For example, if they are travelers, you can provide something for them to meet fellow travelers. You can get a lot of new potential customers and start promoting your business. 

Friendly Customer Service 

Some people will ask about your product before buying it. You can make it easier for your customer to reach you through your social media direct message. Everyone who has a question about your product can directly ask you. Not only for new customers, if there are people who complain about your product, but you can also friendly explain it and help them understand. You have to have a good sense of your customers.