3. Keep the Text Short and Concise 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, text is a powerful media to move your audience. However, you don’t want to have overcrowded graphic design since it will drive your audiences away instead. Human has short attention span and they process images better than text, so keep the text on your graphic short and concise. 

4. Choose the Right Typography 

Just like colours, great typography can evoke your audience’s emotions. One of the basic principles of typography is choosing the right font. Font can impact the interpretation of your posts and send your message across. 

The best type of font for your posts is sans serif. If you want to use more than one font, keep in mind to use a maximum of three fonts since otherwise it will be hard for your audience to process your message. Make sure you choose fonts with high contrast that complement each other well. 

5. Incorporate Your Branding into Your Graphic Design 

Put your logo in every post and incorporate your branding into each of your posts (that includes consistent fonts, colour scheme, and the nuances of your posts). This will help people to associate any visual element with your brand and in the end will increase your brand awareness.  

6. Be Consistent 

Last but not least: be consistent with your posts. Make sure your design graphics across platforms are cohesive and are in line with your branding. Apart from being consistent with your branding, make sure that you at least publish one post every day to stay relevant.