The best way to increase the popularity of your brand is to get high-level social media engagements. They connect brands with their audience, and the actual reason businesses make efforts to get maximum interaction on their posts. Here are some social media engagements hack for your marketing: 

Private Facebook Group: 

Creating a business profile on Facebook is not enough to let people know about your brand. The question is, how would you tell them that your brand exists on social media. You have to develop plans that increase your posts' social media engagements and reach to maximum audience. private Facebook groups are the most convenient way that helps a larger community see your post. All you have to do is to find relevant Facebook groups where your target audience is easily accessible. If people find your content relatable, then they will surely share them with their friends and family. Social media engagements directly affect the marketing of a business and boost sales. Using private Facebook groups is an unpaid and easy method to promote your brand.  

Video Challenges: 

Creating video challenges is a fun activity, so people will prefer to be a part of it. These video challenges are consisting of short videos and have similar soundtrack or phrase. Creating such fun activities can help advertise your products, and the audience will not even notice that it's a promotion tactic. You can easily create your video challenge; all you need is a fun idea that can easily be turned into a short video. Ensure that the challenge is not too complex and time-consuming so your audience can recreate it without any hurdle. 

User-Generated Content On Brand Hashtag: 

Different brands have used this trend, but no doubt it's an effective way to engage the audience with your brand. in this trend, you make a hashtag related to your brand and ask people to share. Instead of participating in a challenge or showing a specific product, you give them the idea of sharing your services' experience. When people share posts on social media by using your hashtag, don't ignore their efforts and share user-generated content on your account. It will make your audience believe that you care for them.  

Utilize Influencers: 

Another way to increase your  social media engagements is to create collaboration with influencers. If you have a high budget, you can collaborate with famous personalities like sportspeople or models. But don't worry if you don't have a lot of money to invest in this area. You can also ask bloggers and social media users with a big following to promote your products. When people see that famous personalities are talking about your brand and services, a higher trust level will be built between you and your audience.  

Share Content That Spread Happiness: 

Social media engagements are all about seizing the mood of your fans. Posts with higher emotional levels get more attention than others. Out of all the emotions, people seek to be happy. Everything we do in our life is for making ourselves happy. Share content that spread happiness and positivity around. This strategy will not only improve social media engagement but also spread a positive image of your brand.