Many new entrepreneurs are trapped with an "innovation" mindset! Wait, don't get it wrong! Yes, innovation is the soul of business! But, in today's competitive market, you must realize that innovation products are awash the market!  

Innovation is not enough to lead your business to success! The key is that you should let people know what your offer and commercialized it! So, in business, entrepreneurs should combine their innovation with marketing!  

With the number of users increasing every day, you cannot miss a big opportunity to introduce your product on social media, right? But before that, there are a few tips that beginners should know about it. So, let's take a look at a few of them below!


1. What Social Media Do They Use the Most? 

At the beginning of a business, have you decided who your target customers are? If you haven't decided yet, then try to think about it now! In running a business, trying to target everyone is not a good idea. You will end up spending too much money and being a lack of focus. 

Once you have decided on your target customers, then find out which social media do they use the most? But why we have to know about that? 

Instead of trying to be anywhere, it is better to focus only on where the majority of your audiences do their online activity! Knowing that you are on the right social media platform is one of the most essential things for a new business in social media marketing! Why? Because that will help you to find the place that will generate the most return instead of spending your time on a particular social media where your target audience is not there! 


2. Understanding Your Target Customers!  

How can you attract your audience with something that doesn't make them interested? Understanding your audience is kind of a key in social media marketing! So, as a beginner, besides you have already set your target customers, you also need to understand them!  

But what can be done with that? 

By understanding your audiences or target customers, all of the information from it can help you create the most relevant content to attract them, to communicate with them, and many more things that is definitely important in social media marketing! 


3. Consistency 

Once you decide to do social media marketing, that doesn't mean you will be uploading tons of content at the same time and doing nothing for the rest of it! No! In running marketing on social media, consistency is definitely needed!  

Speaking of consistency, you must be consistent in doing social media marketing so that your audience's eyes always see your content on their social media activities! Plus, to maintain consistency, don't forget that commitment is also needed! 


4. Social Media Style! 

There is one of the many strategies for getting people to automatically relate or identify your brand, that is social media style! But what is that? Social media style means always creating content that is relevant to the value and goals of your brand!