The following 5 Social Media tools will help you, like Community Manager. You can get results quickly by managing more content and communities.  


Mention is a tool that allows us to monitor a brand's online presence by creating alerts that will notify you of interactions in the community, helping you develop relationships, generate leads, and protect brand reputation. 

Without this type of tool, we would not be able to identify conversations that quickly interest us, either on the web or on the different Social Media platforms in real-time or as a daily report of the mentions made. 

The need to influence what is being said about your brand logo design is essential for the social media strategy, making mention a compelling application used by more than 500,000 professionals in the sector. 


Followerwonk is a potent Twitter influencers identification and analysis application. Using keywords, we can get a list of influencers related to keywords based on their tweets, their followers, who they follow, the age of the account, and their level of Social authority (factor provided based on the app's criteria). 

In essence, FolowerWonk allows us to know the profiles and bios of Twitter users, search by specific terms, know the level of interaction of users, followers, and activity, and filter essential data. A very effective specialized tool for a social network with more than 300 million active users.