There is no doubt that comic books can catch our attention right away. From their colorful cover art and their top-tier graphic designs to their amazing stories, these comics are read by many people every day. If you are an artsy person and you are trying to get started on new things such as comic books or anime, there are certain softwares which will be helpful in order to develop your first comic book! 

1. Comic Draw 

This software is specifically for illustrators. It only works on iPad and there is not a version allowed for Windows or Android yet. Using only a graphic pen, you can start to get crazy creative and draw whatever comes on your mind first. Get wild! The best thing about this software is that you do not need to be professional to understand its tools, so anybody could get started as soon as they download it (and it is very cheap too!). Once you are done with the drawing part, you can include your scripts to see your full work!  

2. Adobe Fresco 

No one can deny that Adobe has a software designed almost exclusively for every need an artist may need. This well-known digital drawing board software has been one of the most used for illustrators in the last few years due to being simple but very effective. Available for both iOS and Windows, this drawing and painting software includes many different tools such as high-quality brushes to allow your creativity to take over the blank canvas and develop amazing sketches! Plus, Fresco’s premium version allows you to import brushes straight from Photoshop, which increases your brushes’ variety.