Certain softwares are suitable for making digital wallpapers. With this software you can apply various features, edit sizes and add colours or text to your digital wallpaper. This post tells you the best softwares for making digital wallpapers and they are below. 

Wallpaper Engine 

With Wallpaper Engine you can make awesome wallpapers. This is suitable if you want to use animated wallpapers. It is a software you can use to make 2D and 3D in a dynamic format. The software offers you many collection of animated wallpapers offering many features, for adding effects, cutting, pasting or transferring various elements of the wallpapers. The primary features of the Wallpaper Engine are: 

  • Filter and browse with various options if you know what you are searching for. 
  • Many wallpapers to start from. 
  • Community integration (full steam). 
  • Support (multi-monitor) 


Visme offers you a software you can use to make a wallpaper that you can customise. Tap ' Create' and, move to 'Web Graphics' and then hit 'Wallpapers' to browse across various template options. Visme has various icons, graphics and photos that you can use to make interesting wallpapers. The primary features of the software are: 

  • Built-in kit for uploading fonts. 
  • Many fonts to select from sanserif and serif 
  • Drag and drop tools for design. 
  • Many high-resolution stock photos for making amazing backgrounds. 


Canva is a software tool for making wallpapers. You can begin making amazing wallpapers, that's making new wallpapers or browse across various wallpaper templates. You can select from various fonts to create a unique message. Share or download custom wallpapers after creating it. 

The primary features of Canva are: 

  • Presentation mode, social sharing (built-in) and team sharing. 
  • Interface (user-friendly). 
  • Library more than 2 million images. 
  • Many Instagram Stories, GIF creation and more.