1. Books 

While debuting your book through a mainstream agency is extremely difficult, it is not the case with print on demand service. If you wish to stay independent without the intervention of conventional mainstream agency that has their own set of standard and requirements you must meet, print on demand service gives you the freedom to publish your book independently. And you don’t need to have big capital to do this! 

2. Custom T-Shirt 

Custom t-shirt completes your event and makes it memorable. If you are a designer, you can also sell your artworks through printed t-shirt. However, most of the time big suppliers have minimum quantity of order that you need to fulfil. Consequently, if the demand for your work is less than the quota, they will not even bother to accept it. Print on demand service can be a solution for this problem as they will accept your request regardless of its number. 

3. Custom Phone Case 

Custom phone case is very popular nowadays. Everyone wants to add a little bit of their ‘personality’ into the design. It’s an opportunity you can seize by making use of print on demand. By making use of print on demand, you just have to focus on promoting your own design and your product without having too caught up with production issue as printing service will take care of it for you.  

Those are three products you can produce and sell by making use of print on demand. Other products that can be produced by print on demand includes custom tote bag, custom hat, and other custom merchandise. There are endless options you can utilize with print on demand. Don’t let this opportunity slips away from you!