3. How Should the Characters Look Like? 

A good comic book writer must think on both the plotline and the graphics, so it is important that you have a rough idea at first on how you would like your characters to look like.  Would you like them to be a strong superhero or would you rather them to be an average teenager? Picture them on your head and develop your story through sketches!  

4. Which Will the Conflict Be? 

Although the character may face different challenges throughout their story, there should be one main recurrent conflict. It could be about the character’s past such as Batman’s storyline or it could involve the uncertainty of its future, but this problem should be a huge part of your story, so pick something and be consistent about it. 

5. Try to Make Everything Appealing for the Audience! 

Of course, this does not mean that you should write exclusively for your audience but take into account which are the things most people find exciting to catch their attention! For example, people like characters they could relate to like Spiderman (who is an average teenage boy that happens to have superpowers because of a spider bit him). Develop an idea that excites you, one that you really believe in, so it becomes easier to write about it. Let your imagination take over and see where that takes you!