In today's creative industries, motion graphics have become the most demanded digital media. Many people who want to make commercial videos prefer to use motion graphics. Besides cheaper, motion graphics are considered an effective medium in communicating the message of the video. 

Due to the high demand, people start to learn motion graphics skills so they can be a designer. A motion graphic designer also often works on various cool projects and gets high payment. If you are also interested in becoming one, here are some starter tips for you. 

Motion Graphics Designer: Tips for The Beginner 

The DOs 

1. Learn and Practice 

To gain any skill that is related to design needs a lot of practice, including motion graphics design. You can get inspiration from various sources, but you have to take action while learning. It is called "learning by doing". 

You can start to choose to practice the easy ones. It is meant to let you build basic skills before improving them to the advanced ones. The more you practice, the more you get used to it. It is so true that practice makes perfect. 

2. Start With The Main Softwares 

The main tools you need to know for creating motion graphics design are Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. Try to practice all the basic tutorials of operating the software. 

Being fluent in operating the software is very essential. It helps you to work effectively and efficiently. Once you have mastered the software, you can try to use other related software. 

3. Get a Project 

The next thing you have to do after gaining theories and skills is implementing them into a real design project. You can join an internship program or sign up as a freelancer. 

By doing so, you will learn how to communicate with a client, find out what the client needs, manage the workloads effectively, work in a team, and many more. 

The DON'Ts 

1. Be in A Rush 

No instant thing in creating great work, including learning to make one. Because it is the process that helps you to become a better designer. 

Try to practice the design tutorials that are suitable for your skill level. Don't be in a rush and skip several steps, you will miss many important points. Taking complex steps while you are still learning the simple ones may lead you to easily give up.  

2. Use Too Many Shortcuts 

The shortcut here is like when you are using Adobe After Effect, then you utilize scripts and plugins. It is totally fine to use them, but not excessively. Scripts and plugins are great in automating the works quickly. However, using too much of this in the beginning will spoil your sense of creativity. 

Professionals utilize scripts and plugins to help them finish multiple projects quickly because they have many workloads and deadlines to come. 

One of the hardest parts of doing something is to start it. Keep moving forward, be patient, and focus on being a better designer. Hopefully, these 5 tips can help you to start your journey to be a motion graphic designer.