Paper or Vinyl Cutting Equipment  

You would need a cutting machine. If you're making business cards, you'll need a hydraulic cutter or a hand-held cutter to cut them.

You'll need a cutter that can cut out letters and graphics from adhesive-backed vinyl while you're printing vinyl signs.  

Accounting Software Package  

If you run your company from home or in an office, you must keep track of your revenue, expenditures, and inventory, as well as have reliable quotes.

This will necessitate the use of accounting tools. If you decide to do business over the Internet, you can choose apps that can connect with a website and enable you to accept orders electronically.  

Should You Start Your Own Sticker Company?  

Yes, sticker printing are entertaining and a perfect way to earn money. But don't get your hopes up... or fantasize about being wealthy through a couple of sticker ideas. It requires imagination, vision, preparation, a strong work ethic, and assistance from strategic partners, much like any other company.

If someone has become wealthy from a sticker concept, they have normally had to diversify into other goods and sell a "tag" (such as Salt Life or Life is Good) rather than just stickers that communicate with like-minded people.  

The good news is that there are few initial charges, and assistance is available to help you create and design your sticker merchandise. So, if you have a brilliant sticker idea, why not put it to the test? Sure, it might be a side hustle or a couple of dollars here and there, but it could also take off.

And, if you put in the effort and maintain your zeal, you could find yourself leaving your career, recruiting employees, and focusing on your national sales and licensing agreements.