Name card is essential for professional workers. When you attend a conference, usually you exchange name cards with your colleagues. Many businesses in Singapore use name cards to build connections. So a name card is a little thing that you have to always carry in your pocket. If you don’t have a name card, start making it now. You can create your own name card, it is so easy. Follow these steps to make your name card. 

Decide the Orientation 

There are two types of name cards, landscape and portrait. People usually use the landscape name card, but it is ok to choose the portrait. You can make your name card unique and authentic. Create the name card based on what you want and need. 

Choose color Scheme 

Choose the color scheme that looks remarkable on your name card. You can choose the same color as your business’s color. Make sure you choose the matching color for every element like the fonts, icons, logo, etc. Look at the scheme table and apply it to your name card. 


Design your name card based on who your target audience is. If you work in a corporate company and you always meet important clients, make your name card look elegant and professional. Don’t put strong color and many icons, try to create the name card as simple as you can. But if you work in a creative agency like a content creator, artist, etc. You have to create an eye-catching name card.