Print with High Quality 

Of course, you have to print your stickers. Print your sticker in high quality so there is no blur or crack in your stickers. People prefer using high-quality stickers because they can keep them for a long time. And it will be part of your image, good quality makes good trust. It’s great if you already know a good company that can print your stickers. If you haven’t found any, don’t worry, you can easily find good printing services in Singapore

Distribute to Customers 

Now all you have to do is distribute your stickers to your customer. You can’t just randomly give them to people. Think about a fun way to give them to people. For example, you can give a few extra stickers to customers, so they can give the stickers again to their friends and family as well. Customers will be pleased to receive them. This is one of the promotional tactics that you can apply. 

Analyze the Impact 

Finally, see if this method has a good impact on your brand. Look at the numbers you gain after applying this strategy. If this is work, you can continue this marketing strategy as long as you need it. You can also improve every aspect that needs improvement. 

The key is to create the most unique stickers and how you distribute them. After all, the results are based on your actions. But don’t be afraid to try and be creative! 

You already know step by step to promote your business using stickers. Now is your time to do it! Good luck!