4. Create Contents 

Decide what kind of content you want to post on your social media. You have to make sure you create contents that are relevant to your product and your customers. That’s why don’t have to know your target market before creating the content. Create interesting content that can gain interaction between you and your customers. 

5. Make a Content Calendar 

After knowing which content you want to post, make a schedule to post it. Make the right schedule so that your content gains good responses from many people. Find out the time your followers are active on social media. If you post your content when a lot of people are active, this is a chance for engagement. 

6. Evaluation 

If you’ve done all the steps above, look how it goes. Whether this makes a profit for your product or not. Look at every factor that influences your social media. This can be an experience for you, and learn to find new ways to improve your strategy. 

Using social media for your business can be easy and hard. It depends on how you manage it. Don’t be afraid of failure. You can always try new things. Be creative and always explore more. If you are really new to this, you can also consult with a social media specialist, there are a lot of social media consulting companies in Singapore that can help you boost your social media. Good luck with your business!