Indeed, you have seen stickers everywhere, in stores, products, toys, notebooks, even social networks. 

Stickers have different uses that are usually decorative and informative, such as in some food products that have the content written on them or the stickers that many people use to decorate notebooks and cars. 

We can say that attractive sticker printing are an excellent way to publicize your brand if you have a company or are founding one, in addition to being attractive to customers and generating sales. 

They are more than a piece of paper that you stick elsewhere.  Stickers bring many benefits to business! 

And you can do them on your own!  This is an excellent strategy if you want to save a little or supervise the work to look exactly how you want it. 

Do you want to know how to do it?  Here we explain it to you!  You just have to follow the steps described below: 


First of all, you must know what you need to start creating your stickers.  And there are just two tools! 

  • Editing program: you will need a good editing program to develop your labels creatively.  There are also web pages with which you can do it.  Word is one of them, for example.  But you can find other more professional options. 
  • Adhesive paper: this is a special paper with two sides, one part is for printing, and the other is covered with glue.  If you have a printer, make sure the paper is specifically for your type of printing, but you can also hire a sticker printing service. 

 Create Labels 

 As you may have noticed, the requirements are easy to achieve.  Now that you have them, we will show you how to design your labels in Word.  Follow these steps: 

  • Open a new document in Word and go to the "correspondence" section. 
  • Select "labels." 
  • Choose the type of blade to use. 
  • Click on "select recipients" and "use an existing list." 
  • In the space for the first sticker, select now the option to "insert combination fields" to add the information you want to place. 
  • Decorate to your liking 
  • Finally, after you finish the first sticker, click on "update labels" so that the empty spaces for the other labels are filled. 

Label Printing 

If you already have your labels ready, now you just need to print them. 

For this, you will need the right paper and have specific considerations.  As mentioned, to print on adhesive paper, if you plan to do it yourself, you must use the paper according to your printer. 

If your printer is ink, the paper must be able to print with ink, for example. 

Another aspect to keep in mind is that before printing the color format, you must select the CMYK option so that the colors look how you want. 

Remember that colors are seen in RGB format on the computer, but the color format changes in the printing process. 

Also, if you do not have a printer or for some other reason you are not going to print the labels yourself, you can hire a company specialized in that –which is also the best option if you want to obtain quality stickers!